Banking Self-service Device

Self-service banking is tailor-made for financial institutions to provide their clients with different solutions such as remote banking and self-service banking.

Self-service banking is part of electronic and automated banking counter service using multiple self-service equipment to diminish manual procedures and shorten customer waiting time.

We offer banking and finance industries with:

Multi-purpose Keyboard

All-in-one keyboard is comprised of various devices including magnetic card reader, smart card reader and ID card reader for user-friendly transactions.

Video Teller Machine

Video Teller Machine (VTM) is an extended version of existing ATM. Not only those basic functions as an automatic teller machine including deposit, withdraw and transfer, etc., VTM is equipped with video communication in contacting customer service agent via remote control technology, which can handle approximately 90% teller services such as card application and account cancellation.

Queuing Machine and Management

Existing auto queuing system in bank combines with queuing kiosk, display monitor, ticket machine and a queuing management system. To be more advanced, our system can provide mobile booking, queuing status update and SMS notification service. Issuing time of tickets, queuing time and case handling duration are all stored to the system for future analyses.


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