Enterprise Messaging System

Enterprise Mobile App for Communication and Collaboration

To replace the use of multiple messaging applications for work communication, the Enterprise Mobile App provides an all-in-one mobile productivity platform for employees to not only securely chat with colleagues, but also complete job assignments and access company resources and systems in one single app via SSO and in their own mobile devices.


Our Enterprise Mobile App can be deployed in the private cloud or on-premises server. Complying with ISO 27001 and AES 256-bit encryption, all data and information are safely stored in the secure network which records all user activity history for future reference.

The application includes 3 main systems:

Instant Messaging

Through the integration with the enterprise’s Active Directory, the hybrid workforce can easily communicate with each other and receive corporate information instantly and securely anywhere, anytime.
The watermark function can be enabled and used on selected files or the entire app for legal identifications to prevent and trace information leakage.

Workflow Systemisation

Management can remotely monitor the on-site situation in real-time via received documents and attachments to accelerate decision-making process and streamline workflow procedure.
The dynamic workflow modules can be applied to different tedious work activities, such as shift management and job dispatch to support the operation teams.

System integration

With the assistance of the Super-Connector, the enterprise’s existing internal and third-party built systems such as intranet and HRMS can be integrated into the application with a minimum few lines of codes.
Through an all-in-one platform, all systems can be accessed easily with single sign-on to avoid the hassles of managing several account information.

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