Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management provides a full picture of potential threats in the I.T. system and assists in system protection while continuously securing the framework of I.T. system and complying with both internal policies and external regulations.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment provides administrators or other network security personnel with a detailed evaluation of risk resistance capacity of network security. The information collected through the Vulnerability Assessment acts as a clear guidance on how to resolve known vulnerabilities and secure the network.

Penetration Testing Services

Today’s increasingly sophisticated I.T. security attacks may lead to unwanted disclosure of confidential information and intellectual property and then to serious consequences. We will evaluate the system resistance from intrusion or penetration tests by simulating a real attack against I.T. system in a controlled environment. We adopt the same techniques as an outside hacker to verify network security without revealing any internal information. A safe intrusion test provides current network security robustness and recommendations on precautions against technological vulnerabilities such as intrusions, fraud or service interruptions.

Application Security

Malicious attackers pursue every target but share one preferred channel of attack, which is the millions of custom websites, mobile and cloud applications service providers. We provide all latest technologies to dynamically assess these application vulnerabilities, offer the fastest repair tools or prompt remediation, and monitor any changes of those applications to ensure applications are safe and secured.


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