Surveillance System and Security Camera

Closed-circuit television (CCTV), also known as video surveillance, is used to monitor designated areas or locations. Our CCTV system is applicable to different technologies such as network cable and coaxial cable; while security camera can be equipped with different grades of camera including multi-angle, optical or digital zoom and infra-red night vision, etc. In order to satisfy different customer needs, the system consists of multiple functions such as centralized management and recording, so as to enable administrators to review and archive record easily.

IP Camera Remote Monitor

Along with the development of Internet, IP based CCTV has become the latest trend in the industry. Our IP based CCTV system differs from traditional one by providing better video quality with digital transmission technology and enables administrators to manage the whole system as well as video records of every camera more efficiently.

Motion Detection Alarm System

Motion sensors technology is one of the built-in features of CCTV system through different motion detection methods such as infra-red movement, sound, vibration or contact, etc. Double technical sensor combines two or more detection methods to boost alert accuracy. When a motion change is detected, the system will start recording automatically and notify designated recipient via pre-selected alert channels such as email, SMS or audio phone call.


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