IT Support Services

Hardware Maintenance

Our hardware maintenance service comprises basic installation, contractual maintenance and per-incident repair – both on-site support and at a centralized repair depot.

Hardware support also includes telephone support services for troubleshooting and installation assistance to ensure prompt solution upon customer enquiry.

Software Support

Our software support service consists of general technical support, service resumption and interruption for specific software products; for long-term technical-support contracts, per-incident support services will also be offered. We also provide remote troubleshooting support services, installation assistance and basic usability assistance.

Outsourcing Service

Concerning limited resources in highly reliable and competent I.T. support talent, we provide supporting services and temporary technicians for our customers’ I.T. department to reduce strain on manpower. We are willing to provide coaching course on IT application information to facilitate company’s business development.

Network Health Check

Network Health Check (or Network Wellness Check) identifies anomalies, inefficiencies and irregularities which lead to a less effective network.

We provide an independent health assessment on data network. Through analyzing local and wide area network facilities, which include routers, switches, hubs as well as other network components, our experienced team can pinpoint the source of anomalies impacting both systems and users.

We can identify and resolve the most difficult of problems whether the anomalies are associated with Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, ATM, IP, IPX, SNA, Vines or other issues.

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