Network Security

Network security solution consists of several technologies concerning hardware and software layers to provide corresponding measures and procedures to prevent and monitor unauthorized actions. We provide firewall, antivirus solutions, data leakage protection, VPN protection and point-to-point security to fully protect computers and mobile devices. We also have log system to save all records and fully protect and monitor server’s daily operation.


Being the gate keeper of cyber-attack, we provide various world class firewalls, such as Cisco, Sonicwall, Juniper and Fortinet to prevent unwanted access from the public to internal network. Apart from general firewall features, the high-end firewall also comprises UTM feature to provide advanced protection, control internal usage and monitor network user behavior with an aim to control and improve interest usage pattern of internal users. A firewall can also act as a VPN and DHCP server as well.


We provide all-rounded anti-virus solution with the installation, erection of general anti-virus software and the provision of a centralized management system allowing administrators to manage, install and review the computer status in a simple way. We adopt both hardware and software anti-virus approaches: being the front gate of the whole anti-virus system, hardware firewall is able to block virus from public before entering users’ computers and servers; special anti-virus gateway for email server on the other hand provides advanced functions and settings to intercept infected emails.

Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables users to access company network from a remote location. Users can work freely in public and home by using different VPN connection technology such as SSLVPN and site to site VPN. We also provide double authentication setting and multi-level encryption services to ensure secure connections between users and company VPN gateways.

Intrusion Prevention System

Our Intrusion prevention systems can act as a controlling device to examine internet or user behaviour and to detect and prevent any malicious intrusions. The system makes use of both hardware and software to set up appropriate policies and log records to enhance network security.


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