Data Protection

Data protection solution safeguards important information from corruption or loss, including both operational data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity.

Data protection strategy is comprised of data lifecycle management and information lifecycle management. Data lifecycle management automates the movement of critical data to online and offline storage while information lifecycle management is a comprehensive strategy for valuing, cataloging and protecting information assets from application or user errors, malware or virus attacks, mechanical failure or facility outages / disruptions in order to protect all information assets.

Backup Solution

Backup refers to the copying of actual or virtual files or databases to a secondary site for preservation in case of equipment failure or other catastrophes, which is pivotal to a successful disaster recovery.

Data Availability

Data availability is jargon used among computer storage manufacturers and storage service providers, to describe products or services that ensure data continues to work at a required level of performance in situations ranging from normal to disastrous. Data availability generally considers redundancy as an indicator and is closely related to where the data is stored and how it can be reached.

Some service providers believe the market urge for storage-oriented data center, instead of server-focused logical thinking environment.


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