Redefining Enterprise Storage Maximum Efficiency

Data center and virtualization strategies can achieve faster response time and lower total cost of ownership with special design to cope with customers’ workloads.

From storage, networking, servers to software and beyond, a one-stop technology portfolio encourages effectiveness and flexibility to deliver distinct advantage compared with vendors focusing on any specific aspect.

Satisfy customers’ specific storage needs of our wide range of solutions:
– Modern hardware framework;
– Innovative software tools; and
– End-to-end service.

Whether our customer needs performance-optimized flash technologies, ultra-dense storage enclosures, traditional or software-defined storage (SDS) solutions, we are confident to recommend the perfect option concerning the requirements.

Traditional Storage

Traditional storage is a major part of disaster management by using LAN/WAN to connect computer and store data in computer itself or in servers. Such data disks can be reformatted in case of emergencies while the number of disks can be increased in order to scale up the storage limit.

Concerning the reach of storage limit, traditional storage requires secondary backup devices and even third party websites to store excess data. Besides, those data are usually stored in multiple locations to avoid complete loss of data in case of any disasters or equipment malfunction.

Software-defined Storage

Software storage customizes the storage limit in accordance with workload.

Many software-defined approaches in the market limit users to proprietary software or any single and compulsory solution for every situation.

Software-defined storage solution truly separates storage software and hardware thus customers can:
– Pick the suitable hardware or software under open approach of industry-standard;
– Add new I.T. capabilities from the latest software or hardware advancements; and
– Reduce risk and time saving with direct contact for services and technology support suppliers.

We have one of the broadest and most advanced storage portfolios and wide-ranging partner ecosystems in the industry. Our diverse selection of software-defined storage solutions provides room for workload-driven configuration and enhance flexibility for future development.


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