Server Room Infrastructure

A Server Room accommodates all I.T. and telecommunication components like servers, storage, routers, switches, etc., which is essential to every business. No matter it is named as a data centre, a server room or a computer rack, a server room is of utmost importance to every enterprise. Though it’s difficult to design a server room, our strength is to recommend the most appropriate design on cooling, air flow, power protection and distribution and fire protection based on the server room dimension, server equipment and cabinet requirements.


We offer an extensive range of UPS solutions. Targeting uptime and utter reliability as the most important criteria, we ensure continuity of service for essential applications such as networks, computer centers, intranet and internet servers, and prevent potential surge of business cost due to data loss, equipment damage and communication and internet downtime leaded by power failures, leaks, surges or drops.


Server room is always the hub of all I.T. and technical support equipment. To protect both business information and expensive system hardware, proper temperature adjustment in the server room not only able to ensure asset longevity and protection, but also safely prevent from equipment overheating which may lead to fire. A CRAC Unit can monitor and maintain constant temperature, air distribution and humidity in a server room while cool air can be delivered to the servers and exhaust air can be extracted from the server room.

Water Leakage Detection System

Water leakage detection system provides immediate warning alert and specific leakage location for repairmen, to avoid any damages to computers, wiring connections or other sensitive electronics in computer rooms, telecommunications centers and other facilities.

Monitoring System

Environmental factors, for example overheat, humidity, airflow, smoke and electricity, can be devastating to I.T. equipment, and thus to the daily operation of an enterprise. Customers may monitor network closets, server rooms and even enterprise level data centers anytime with fully scalable environmental monitoring solutions. Configured alert notifications through emails, SMS, SNMP or voice call alarms will also be available in case of any emergencies.

Fire Extinguishing System

We offer all-in-one fire protection infrastructure for both large and small server rooms such as FM-200, fire detector and smoke detector. Our fire extinguishing system design service allows selection and optimum adjustment to protected area. We also provide delivery and complete assembly of equipment for fire detection and extinguishing, as well as service and maintenance of the system.


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